The tragic explosion on the Davao City Night Market on September 3 have killed 14 people and left 60 wounded.  As the nation unites against terrorism, foreign countries show that they are one with the Philippines against terrorism as they vow support. Japan and Australia have sent their condolences for the families of victims of the Davao blast. 

Japan Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida have extended their concern and have reaffirmed support for the country.

"I am deeply shocked to learn that a bombing incident caused numerous casualties in Davao City. In this time of difficulties, Japan stands with the Philippines. Japan will continue to closely cooperate with the Philippines in tackling terrorism," the minister said.

Australia have also released a statement in support for the Philippines.

"Australia remains steadfast in its support for the Philippines in response to terrorism and stands ready to offer assistance to law enforcement authorities," Foreign Minister of Australia Julie Bishop said.

"Australians in Davao should exercise heightened vigilance, avoid the affected areas and follow the advice of local authorites," added by Bishop.

The United States have also extended their support earlier.

Source: du30newsinfo.com

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