The whole country was shook when a huge explosion hit Davao City, the hometown where President Duterte was Mayor for 23 years. This killed 14 people and injured 70 others in a supposedly safest city in the
country. According to reports, the suspects used an Improvised Explosive Device for the explosion. Not one, but two. The police also announced that they have 3 persons of interests who they believe are responsible for the tragedy.

Special Investigation Task Group (SITG) led by CIDG Dir. Benjamin Magalong finally announced that they have the artists sketches of the main suspect who is believed to be male. He is believed to have 2 accomplices. They recently released a composite sketch based on their 8 witnesses and 8 cctv footages before the incident. One witness even shared that one of the suspects even paid and sat down for a massage in one of the stalls in the night market, before leaving his bag in the area which was believed to be the IED.

President's First Daughter and now the Mayor of Davao City has earlier announced that they will give 1 Million Pesos to those who can identify and give information about the main suspect and another 1 million who can give his location. 

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