For now, only 10 people at a time can view the live stream. Once the system is fully in place, more people can monitor online the BOC's operations in its offices and in major ports in the country.

MANILA, Philippines – The Bureau of Customs has soft-launched the live stream of its office operations on Thursday, September 1, to promote transparency in one of the most graft-ridden agencies in government.

For now, however, only 10 users at a time can view the live stream.

The BOC said in a statement that its CCTV command center, which oversees the online streaming, receives images from around 40 cameras installed at the BOC main building – including Commissioner Nicanor Faeldon's office.

"We are now online! The public should expect everyone in BOC to be seen," Faeldon said.

The BOC also said that for now, only 10 users at a time are allowed to log into the system through username guest1 (up to guest10). The password for all user names is password123.

After logging in, the system will prompt the user to download a browser plugin to view the live stream.

The BOC's Management Information System And Technology Group (MISTG) said the system will be in full swing in the next few days. The login system will also be removed "soon" to allow more people to view the live stream, the BOC said, but did not specify when this would happen.

The live stream can be accessed through public IP address, and can be viewed on gadgets with Internet access.

For the soft launch, the BOC livestream will only show operations in offices in the main BOC building.

Later on, other cameras in BOC areas such as the Port of Manila, the Manila International Container Terminal, and the Ninoy Aquino International Airport would send images to the command center for online viewing.

The BOC said a total of 94 cameras have been installed for the project, but as of now, not all of them have been set up for live streaming.

 Source: inquirer.net

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