Senator Risa Hontiveros’ act of distributing anti-Marcos book on high school students met serious reaction, after Citizen Watch Group respond with administrative cases.

On Tuesday, CWG legal council Atty. Pacifico Moises said his client is preparing to slap the senator with five administrative cases against the senator.

Moises said, among the charges are grave abuse of authority, political corruption, and oppression. He also said they are finalizing the other two. The lawyer also added that a separate case about Philhealth funds allegedly used by Hontiveros during her campaign period might be filed.

“We believe Sen. Hontiveros action is against her oath as a senator of this country. I think she is gravely abusing her authority. Only the department of Education has the right to distribute books among students, and even privately donated books must seek DepEd’s approval”, Moises said.

Moises also said that Hontiverous has no direct jurisdiction on students, whether in public or private schools.

Hontiveros earlier has distributed the anti-Marcos books among Quezon City high school students, and promised to continue doing so in her six years term as a senator.

Citizen Watch Group is a non-government, non-partisan, and non-religious organization that focus on monitoring social, political, and civil welfare of the Filipino people.

“Although many believed that former president Ferdinand Marcos committed serious crimes during Martial Law, our politicians should leave everything to history and they should not influence the minds of younger generation”, CWG Tomas Bautista said.

“It is a criminal offense against the Filipino people if a politician use his/her position and authority to gain his/her personal satisfaction, and we tbelieve what Sen. Hontiveros doing is purely personal,” Bautista added.

Moises is expected to submit the papers on the Office of the Ombudsman on Monday. By then, Hontiveros camp will only be informed once the cases are filed. /Dave Salamanca – Quezon City 

Source: du30newsinfo.com

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