Many senators have expressed their reaction to President Rodrigo Duterte’s threat of declaring a martial law to assist him in his war against the illegal drug trade.

In accordance with Senator Richard Gordon, Duterte’s comments ought to not be taken as well seriously.

 “He has mentioned that prior to and I do not feel he's severe about that,” Gordon mentioned.

Senator Panfilo Lacson agreed with Gordon’s assessment on the martial law threat, saying that Duterte is just displaying his usual stubbornness. He also urged the public to acquire utilised for the over-the-top antics on the President.

 “His bullheadedness is epic… When he tends to make statements within the media, you can find statements we ought to take seriously, you will find some we must take lightly,” Lacson explained.

Senator Sonny Angara also didn't think that Duterte would ever declare a martial law. The senator mentioned that Duterte knows how a declaration of martial law could negatively influence the country’s economy.

 “I do not feel folks needs to be alarmed since once you say we may possibly have martial law inside the Philippines, you will find effects around the industry, you'll find effects on investors’ choices,” Angara pointed out.

Chief presidential legal counsel Salvador Panelo stated that Duterte has the correct to declare martial law when there's an invasion, rebellion, as well as a fantastic threat to public security. But regardless of the present dangers threatening public security, Panelo will not think that Duterte will declare martial law.

Duterte threatened to declare martial law right after hearing in regards to the concern of Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno relating to the President’s approach of publicly naming and shaming regional government officials that are suspected drug criminals.

In accordance with Senator Leila de Lima, the Duterte’s hostile reaction towards Sereno’s comments indicates a troublesome trend in the President.

 “If this really is how the administration, specifically the President, treats any type of dissent, even one of the most respectful expression of a differing opinion, then which is truly worrisome. This can be what I’ve been calling a slippery slope toward totalitarianism,” De Lima stated.

De Lima has also urged the administration to perform some thing concerning the dramatic enhance of summary killings inside the nation given that Duterte assumed workplace. She has also opposed the calls for the restoration in the death penalty led by the President.

[source] netizenph.com
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