US President Barack Obama became the first head of government to congratulate Rodrigo Duterte, relaying at the same time Washington’s congratulations for the conduct of the May 9 elections. were emblematic of the Philippines’ vibrant democracy.Duterte is no ordinary politician. He is what can be described as a ‘meta-candidate’, one who changes the very conception of and expectations from a presidential candidate.

In some ways, he singlehandedly changed the rules of the game. Throughout the campaign period, he crossed one redline after the other, and yet he managed to build a massive nationwide following. He reminded his opponents that presidency is a matter of life and death, of going to the distance, of risking it all.Despite rapid economic growth in recent years, the Philippines still suffers from one of the highest rates of unemployment and poverty in Asia — an uber-dynamic region that hosts nine out of thirteen economic miracles in modern times.
Strongman candidates like Duterte and Marcos Jr. were in a particularly favorable position to present themselves as single-minded, decisive leaders who could bring about overnight solutions to the country’s perennial predicaments.

One thing to note, Duterte is a seasoned lawyer and strategist. He knows exactly the weakness of his rivals. His brazen antics confused them but his pinpoint accuracy and irreversible timing battle plan outsmarted them all, grabbing an unprecedented victory with great finesse.duterte truly loves a filipino persons.no matter how high class corrupt and criminals if you againts the laws you must be punish Obama said.

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