In his sturdy vow to stop corruption in government, President Duterte asked the Bureau of Internal Income (BIR) to verify taxes paid by a businessman who was among the prime campaign financiers of Manuel Roxas.

According to Philstar, President Duterte told the BIR to probe Francis Eric Gutierrez, owner of SR Metals Inc. (SRMI), a nickel mine operator in Agusan del Norte penalized by the government in 2007 for alleged over-mining.
The President has accused Roxas of being a protector of SRMI since the former interior and regional government secretary utilised Gutierrez’s plane during his campaign.
“All businessmen ought to pay taxes. They are many… citing Gutierrez (as an instance). There should be no exemptions. He cannot only destroy Tubay in Agusan del Norte,” Duterte stated in the course of a fellowship dinner on the San Beda College of Law alumni at Malaca├▒ang’s Heroes Hall on Sunday.

He said he was focused on eliminating drugs, crime and corruption ahead of digging in on Gutierrez.
“I will take away the privilege of granting enormous tax exemptions… You do not know they have helicopters, airplanes,” the President stated, referring to Gutierrez.
He urged businessmen not to fool about with tax payments, saying he would take away tax exemptions of some companies to enhance income collection.

                                                      Source: Philstar

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  1. Get on with it Mr President! WE ARE STANDING BY YOU ALL THE WAY!!!