On a Facebook post, movie director and actor Manny Castaneda wrote an intriguing post about his opinions on the reactions of Senators Leila de Lima and Franklin Drilon regarding the issue about the presentation of the narco-list to the public that would further create a sharp division between the Duterte and the Aquino supporters.

In the post, Mr. Castaneda noted that the most vociferous critics of President Duterte are Senators de Lima and Drilon (known allies of the former president) after the president presented the narco-list to the media. Delima immediately accuses Pres. Duterte of a witch-hunt while Drilon demands adherence to the rule of law. Likewise, the dwindling yellow army questions the veracity of the list.

Mr. Castaneda stated in his post that the allies of the previous administration was suspiciously defensive, and that they were guilty of protectionism.

What do you think about the post by Mr. Castaneda? If you have any opinions yourself you may post it below.

                                         Source: Facebook, Manny Castaneda

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