After President Rodrigo Roa Duterte SONA's speech, a lot of Filipinos asked why federalism is being pushed by the President and why it gets a lot of support from different Filipino groups to these days.

Just like Australia, Canada, Germany and USA, I think federalism is a good form of government for Filipinos not only it shares power between central government and respective regions, but it prevents marginalization of its regions.

As what President Duterte said when he talked to Moro people, federalism can let the people decide for themselves, giving them opportunities to solve their own problems.

The Mindanaoan President believes that it is one of the ways to solve the long-running conflicts betweem Christians and Muslims in Mindanao particularly from Moro people.

Filipinos have seen this form of government as effective, seeing the rich and powerful nations mentioned above. It balances the power between central government and regions, preventing abuses and corruption.

And so the question is, do Filipinos support the Duterte's proposal to have a federalism in the Philippines? I think Filipinos should not be afraid for change and this form of government brings peace and order in our country.

                             Source:Alon Calinao, filipinonewsinfo.com

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