The social media is now on fuss as reports have been released stating different datas as to how many politicians are truly involve with drugs, some reports claim up to 35 mayors involve while others claim 23, some 27. Here, we present to you names that have been seen on almost all reports that have been released. 

Retired PNP General and Cebu Mayor Loot have been among the first names revealed. Albuera Leyte Mayor Espinosa Sr. is the second.

n Misamis Occidental, eight names are also facing controversy as they were repeatedly mentioned on social medias. According to reports, Drug lord Herbert Colangco is involved with Ozamiz Vice Mayor Nova Princess Parojinog. Nova's father is the Ozamiz Mayor while his Uncle is a councilor of the said city. However the mayor denies all accusation involving illegal drugs.

The politicians allegedly involved are Mayor Michael Guttierez, Mayor Donjie Animas, Mayor David Navarro, Mayor Crisinciano Mahilac, Mayor Ezel Villanueva, Mayor Juanidy Vina, Mayor Jason Almonte and Board Member Richard Centino.

Vice Mayor Parojinog is also denying accusations against her while Mayor Navarro used a different approach as he cried trying to gain the sympathy of the people. On the other hand, Mayor Mahilac went viral on social media because of the 500 peso bills that were used as a wallpaper in his mansion. 

However, PNP Chief Dela Rosa wanted the revelation to be done all at once in order to stress the mayors involved with anticipation.
 Breaking News! Names Of Eight Mayors Allegedly Involved In Drugs Have Been Revealed!

                                                Source: TNP , DuterteToday

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