The President-choose Rodrigo Duterte ensured to active Senator Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos, Jr. that the remaining parts of his dad, previous President Ferdinand Marcos, will be transported to the Libingan ng mga Bayani quickly by September.

The more youthful Marcos claims in a trap meeting, "The exchange was exceptionally casual however we're peering toward (to get it going) on September. We concurred that it will happen this year," He included that he is extremely grateful to the approaching president since he is enthusiastic about a legend's entombment for his dad regardless of the reactions.

In the month of May, Duterte said that the late despot should be covered at the Heroes' Cemetery in Taguig. He expressed that the issue has quite recently partitioned the nation and it should be put to rest.

"I will permit the internment of President Marcos sa Libingan ng mga Bayani, not on account of he is a legend… but rather in light of the fact that he was a Filipino trooper. Period. That can be masterminded instantly," he said. "Yang issue na yan has since quite a while ago made a division amongst our kin. All of Ilocanos, naghihinanakit talaga.

Nonetheless, his choice has picked up reactions from the individuals who experienced Marcos tyranny. Truth be told, an online appeal on Change.org claims, "Ferdinand E. Marcos is not a saint. Just saints are covered in the Heroes' Cemetery as the name so actually states,"

It likewise says that covering Marcos' as one with the nation's saints will be an "attack against the a large number of lives tormented and killed amid the despot's rule." It can be recollected that Marcos turned into the president for over two decades before removed in the People Power upset in 1986.

Also, he kicked the bucket in the United Stated while estranged abroad in 1989. Since his demise, his family has requested a saint's internment for him, asserting his achievements as a previous trooper and president. The late despot's body is still in a glass pine box in a catacomb in Ilocos Norte, the place where he grew up.


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