In the latest CNN report Peter “Wu Tuan” Co, one of the big fish in illegal drug trading supposedly pays police generals P7-M per week for proctection. That’s approximately P28-M a month just for protection. 

Yup, you read that right, 7,000,000 a week of cold cash just for protection, that’s a lot of money no wonder they want President Duterte dead.

CNN also reports that drug lords acquire businesses through legal and illegal means just so they launder money and they need protection from the police to do that hence comes General Marcelo Garbo Jr., Garbo strengthen his ties with the drug trades when he assign as the Regional Director of Cebu.

Garbo has not come out since Duterte named him as one of the “nacro-generals” protecting drug trades in the country.Garbo has also ties with 2 other drug lords, read our report here: The Tale Of General Garbo And 3 Drug Lords

                                                  Source: trendtitan.com

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