President Rodrigo Duterte’s lawyer said there is a minimal to zero chance that the President would accuse the top police also known as 5 "narco generals" connected to the illegal drug trade using the wrong information.

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“Malabo ‘yan, yung probability na he was fed with wrong information,” said Presidential Legal Counsel Salvador Panelo on Thursday, July 7.

The lawyer even said that, in his opinion, none of the intelligence being sent to Duterte is erroneous. He even added that less than 0.00 percent that the information is wrong.

As the president, Duterte has access to intelligence from a many different sources and would have the power to authenticate these allegations said Panelo.

Panelo has assured that since the President is also a lawyer in fact Duterte is the only lawyer-president since Ferdinand Marcos, that he knows what he is doing. Duterte has been a prosecutor in the 70s and 80s, and he is also aware more than anyone that he cannot file cases without sufficient evidence.

“The evidence will come out when formal charges are filed,” said Panelo when asked when will the evidence be shown to the public.
                                                                Source: Rappler
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