Before she probes police operations, Senator Leila de Lima ought to first have a go at facing "crazed" drug suspects, the administration's top legal advisor said on Monday, July 11.

Solicitor General Jose Calida kept nothing down in hitting recently elected Senator Leila de Lima, as he guaranteed the Philippine National Police (PNP) of the Duterte administration's backing for its anti-illegal drugs efforts.

De Lima, who is relied upon to head the Senate justice committee, has reported arrangements to start probe "in aid of legislation" on the PNP's crusade against illegal drugs and criminality.

In any case, De Lima, who was once administrator of the Commission on Human Rights, said there were "indications" of rundown executions in a portion of the operations directed by various police units around the nation

“There is no need for investigation in aid of legislation kuno (supposedly). Secretary de Lima, who was Secretary of Justice for 6 years… what happened during her tenure? Lalong lumakas ang paglaganap ng droga (Drugs have grown rapidly) even in her own territory, at the national penitentiary,” said Calida, a previous justice undersecretary under the Arroyo government.

The SolGen included: "On the off chance that she's really true to stop this drug menace, let us ask her: what did she do as justice secretary in charge of the [National Bureau of Investigation], the prosecution service, and the correctional?"

Calida said De Lima's test was not for investigation but rather "in help of media mileage." The senator kept running under the past ruling party, the Liberal Party, headed by previous president Benigno Aquino III.

Calida focused on that the police ought to be given the "presumption of regularity" in the behavior of operations.

Additionally, said Calida, the circumstance cops face when managing drug suspects "is not ordinary."

This isn't about looking great before the media. The police are taking a chance with their lives. It is the clear ignorance [on the part] of Secretary De Lima who clearly does not know the mentality of a crazed addict… we won't permit the cops to be slaughtered in the line of duty," Calida said, who encouraged De Lima to "review her criminal law."

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